Le Vouloir Trailer

Client: Personal

This 90-second teaser was developed as an early campaign spot for the musical Le Vouloir. The musical’s style derives heavily from French New Wave, and its tragic protagonist follows a hopeful yet ill-fated trajectory shared by many of the cinematic heroines of the New Wave era.

To support this, a custom type set was assembled using text from Jean-Luc Godard’s Vivre sa vie. Françoise Hardy’s Je n’attends plus personne (trans. I’m not waiting for anyone anymore) offers an aggressive and grating accompaniment to smash cuts of the image of woman who strives to appear in control but is nonetheless a prisoner–of the stage, the television she appears on, and the countless iterations of “audience” for which she performs.

I was responsible for all elements of production, including filming, direction, editing, and sound design.