You Made Me Queer! (YMMQ!) is a four-time Canadian Podcast Award-winning accusatory podcast hosted by comedian and writer Trevor Campbell. Each episode, he invites his hilarious 2SLGBTQIA+ guest to set the record straight about who and/or what left them bent for life.

It’s judgment day for Lisa Frank sticker sheets, tartan blazers, the spooning volcanic ash mummies of Pompeii, and Elizabeth Arden’s Sunflowers as worn by your Estonian dental hygienist.

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What made YOU queer?

The YMMQ! mail bag wants to know: what’s your queer origin story? Tell us about that life-changing ice dancing lesson, the first time you held a power saw in your bare hands, Donna Santacroce’s 9th grade perm or that night your babysitter let you watch Ski School as long as you promised not to tell you parents.

Your letter might be read on an episode of YMMQ!, a credit which confidently declares “swipe right!” on a Tinder profile and carries more resumé prestige than an ivy-league education. Tell your life coach to chew on that.


Want to pitch us a guest, book YMMQ! or troll us to the moon? We’re here for it.


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