Teaching | 教育

Since 2016, I’ve served as a course director and instructor for York University’s Bachelor of Design program. Course topics include information design, communication theory, typography, and the social ethics of design.

Additionally, I am a TEFL-certified English instructor with over a decade of experience in both Canada and Asia. From 2016-2019, I helped to develop and expand Peace Boat’s English and Spanish education program, with locations in Tokyo and on board Peace Boat’s iconic global voyages. Prior to this, I provided tailored English curriculum and instruction for clients such as Tokyo Metro, City-Yuwa Partners, the Shinjuku Fire Department, JINS Eyewear, and the Tokyo Metro Hospital network.

My multidisciplinary education helps me craft unique, practical and engaging lessons for a diverse clientele. I hold a master’s degree in design and certificates in both business and teaching from York University, and a bachelor’s degree with high honours in music theatre from Sheridan College. Throughout my teaching career, I have worked with universities, corporations, small businesses, language schools, non-profits, and private academies to help their staff and students achieve the skill proficiency and social context required to succeed in their chosen fields.

I believe the primary function of any educator is:

• To help learners to recognize the real-world value of their selected course of study.

• To eliminate barriers to new skills and information.

• To co-create a broad and inclusive contextual framework for all new skills and information, which supports the development of academic and professional ethics.

I’m passionate about languages as both as a teacher and a student, and continue to study French (B2), Japanese (JLPT N3), and Spanish (A2).


The Social Ethics of Design

The Social Ethics of Design Description coming soon.

Students will learn:
•  Coming soon.

Branding & Multi-Channel Visual Systems

Branding & Multi-Channel Visual Systems Coming soon.

Students will learn:
•  Coming soon.

Communication Theory

Communication Theory Coming soon.

Students will learn:
•  Coming soon.

Creative Placemaking & Wayfinding

Creative Placemaking & Wayfinding Coming soon.

Students will learn:
•  Coming soon.


Typography Coming soon.

Students will learn:
•  Coming soon.


General English | 日常英語

General English lessons cover all elements of English usage and are suitable for all students, from absolute beginners to advanced learners with specific goals.

Lessons include:
•  conversational English usage
•  foundational grammar
•  task-based lessons
•  reading newspapers, magazines, and literature
•  listening to/watching media
•  English correspondence
•  custom student-requested lessons (music, sports, hobbies, etc.)

Academic English| 学術英語

Academic English focuses on understanding post-secondary content such as academic journals, citation systems, and style guides.

Lessons include:
•  reading academic texts
•  writing/correcting/editing assignments
•  working with various style guides/citation systems
•  understanding English academic media (audio/video)
•  exam/test preparation
•  reviewing past assignments, essays, and exams
•  understanding essay structure and writing essays/papers
•  writing program, grant, and scholarship applications
•  proofreading
•  reading and understanding academic curricula, rubrics, announcements, etc.

Business English | ビジネス英語

Business English focuses on industry-specific vocabulary, situational language, business texts and media, and drafting and reviewing professional documents.

Lessons include:
•  business vocabulary
•  reading business texts
•  business correspondence
•  understanding business media (newspapers, television and radio news)
•  situational business English
•  global business culture
•  writing business documents such as business plans, calls for proposals, grant applications and other documents

English for Young Children | 子供の英語

English for Young Children exposes children to English using games, songs, and simple activities designed to make learning English fun.

Lessons include:
•  English games and activities
•  basic vocabulary and phrases
•  English songs and chants
•  English immersion field trips

TOEIC/IELST/Test Preparation | 能力試験の英語

TOEIC/IELST/Test Preparation focuses on the unique demands of standardized language tests and covers all elements of test preparation and material comprehension for the specified test.

Lessons include:
•  understanding the structure of the standard English-language tests
•  intensive test preparation
•  structured vocabulary explanations
•  taking, grading, and reviewing practice tests

Homework Help | 英語の宿題のサポート

Homework Help offers English-language tutoring in any subject area.

Lessons include:
•  assisting with various English-language homework/assignments
•  general guidance and instruction for optimal study/memorization habits