Anything To Declare Trailer

Client: Buddies in Bad Times / Personal

This video was created to support Anything to Declare, an installation I created for the 36th annual Rhubarb Festival at Buddies in Bad Times in Toronto. ATD responded to the rigid binary structures that influence the way we consider and express our unique identities. Rather than ask participants to identify themselves according to existing guidelines, ATD used improvised theatre, photography, and design to create a user-led experience. Participants had the opportunity to lead a photo shoot and identity discussion used to create an printed and laminated wallet-size ID card that they were free to take home.

This 60-second web commercial demonstrated the core of the project: how design-based tactics of “playful protest” could be used to reimagine identity and its (re)presentation. I was responsible for all elements of production, including filming, direction, editing, and custom typography.